COLOMBO STILE In the mid-eighties a close-knit group of members, with varied and long experience, he founded the SIPARR for the production of upholstered style. Thanks to a rapid expansion process, the company was acquired in 1991 Columbus Style, a company operating since 1973, carries a strong and proven Lombard tradition of furniture manufacturing. Experience craftsmanship handed down from father to son, along with the presence of solids such as designer Mariella Mattei and Roberto Nicolai ensure a thorough reinterpretation of classic styles, the original capital of the company since 1886. Always, you can tell, the company adheres to the careful implementation of the traditional standards of quality workmanship and fidelity. The meeting of new members with the architect Charles Rampazzi, creative collaborator in Colombo style, developed a strong synergy between solidified the firm's experience in woodworking and a desire for innovation of new leadership, allowing the start of a reckless and far-reaching experiment with forms and materials. Over the past 10 years the path of Columbus Style was unstoppable and vertical from a proud timeliness and accuracy of reproduction of the ancient styles, thanks to the curiosity and intelligence of the members will have experienced new ways and new alchemy; joined generously of their able to experience the genius of designers, the company projected in the new millennium with a strong brand and irreplaceable history of true style.

Intricately carved gilded mirror, from the early 's 800, from the Museum of Mobile, 1926. . [...]

Size: L. 80 W. 10 H. 186
Armchair with solid wood carving, finished in gold leaf with bronze patina, stone decorations Medici, details in 24kt gold.
. [...]

Size: L. 64 W. 73 H. 105
Sideboard with inlaid rosewood and burl, wood carving, polishing gold leaf with bronze patina. Details in 24kt gold, stone decorations Medici, marble floor 'Black & Gold'.

Sizes: L. 182 P. 69 H. 97

Mirror in the report.

Armchair 'Malerba', full of sculptures in wood, finished in gold leaf with bronze patina. The edges are provided with rich upholstery trimmings. All the details are in 24kt gold.
. [...]

Size: L. 86 W. 86 H. 180
Armchair with solid wood carving, finished in bronze patina with gold leaf and silver Mecca. Rich with special 24kt gold trimmings.
. [...]

Size: L. 142 W. 108 H. 110
Center table with wood carvings, lacquer finished in antiqued relief, ebonized, with details in gold leaf and patina bronze.
. [...]

Size: L. 115 W. 150 H. 47
Shelves with curved bookcase, special lacquer finish 'copal', with gold leaf and patina bronze. The decorations are made of stone Medici.
. [...]

Size: L. 180 W. 65 H. 260
King.size bed, with sculptures made of solid wood finish with silver leaf patina pigmented, decorative stone Medici. Upholstery, lined with elegant trimmings.
. [...]

Size: L. 220 W. 215 H. 190
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