MEDEA Afterwards, Medea reproduced the most interesting historic pieces by anonymous and famous names from late 19th century, obtaining also a nomination for the award “Compasso D’oro”.Beginning from the English style furniture, Medea focused the attention on French Art Nouveau style, a style which embodied high quality design and materials through the history of 20th century furniture, features for which it is well known nowadays. Medea’s master craftsmen perfectly know the deepest secrets of furniture building, inlaying, lacquering, polishing and upholstering, secrets that are handed down from father to son. The choice of woods and the working techniques used are the same of ancient time, as well as the attention paid to the choice of materials, fabrics and leathers. Great care is given to every single detail thus conveying to these pieces of furniture a great preciousness and uniqueness. Medea products can ft every kind of se, from the classic one, conveying an atmosphere of harmony and elegance, to the modern one, where the furniture creates a nice contrast with the rest of the house.


Wood armchair, upholstered fabric, carved wood back.

L: 54 P: 60 H: 86

Round table report.

Diameter: 80 H: 74

. [...]

Armchair Nouveau-style bicolor customizable.

L: 54 P: 50 H: 125

Armchair Art Nouveau-style carved by hand, two-color customizable. 

L: 63 P: 59 H: 97

. [...]
Showcase in pure Art Nouveau style with handmade carvings and gold leaf finishes.. [...]

Size: L. 93 W. 39 H. 188

Liberty Two-seater sofa is completely hand carved. Floral upholstery fabric in relation to impact strength.

L: 116 P: 60 H: 100

Armchair report

L: 63 P: 59 H: 97

. [...]

Dresser Nouveau-style, completely hand-carved, wooden floor, drawers in burr poplar finely polished buffer.

L: 125 P: 60 H: 90

Oval Mirror report.

L: 75 P: 5 H: 100

. [...]
Bed Group style 'Liberty', carved and hand finished with antique finish.. [...]
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