GRANDE ARREDO Archeos was founded in June 2001 Crespano del Grappa in the province of Treviso. Arises from a farm thirty years experience in the furniture sector as Great Furniture. From his desire to complete the product range, creating a completely new brand dedicated to creating kitchens. These noble allow Archeos beginning to take to himself a strong commitment to high quality. But not enough, these solid knowledge is applied in a new, original, contemporary. Archeos is a company that lives its time entrepreneurs and Giampaolo Roberto Lazzarotto decide to revisit the origins of ancient carpentry and cabinet-making by including in the kitchens of the highest quality technology.

Lime sideboard, 2 central lining doors, exposed finish: lacquered white gloss "22S" top "DO".

L. 186 P. 56 H. 105

Oval mirror in white lacquered wood.

L. 110 H. 70
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Lime sideboard, with two doors with central frieze. Finish exposed "GS".
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Size: L. 186 W. 56 H. 105
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