I MAGGIOLINI For over 30 years we have development and creation of wooden items, precious jewels, high cabinet devoted to the most refined requirements of style and artistic taste in order to be able to offer a finished product "just right" in all aspects.

This' made possible by the obsessive attention to detail, the continuous search for materials and the method of selecting workers who through a strictly work skilled artisan, allow us to assemble each time a unique and inimitable, that with time will assume a value unique and invaluable. And it 's just for this reason that, with pride, we can consider the natural heirs to two great masters such as Joseph and Charles Maggiolini were, undisputed interpreter of Lombard neoclassicism. Thanks to an ongoing study of their works, we found the inspiration for our creations that sometimes consist simply reproductions of existing pieces, which we have given our still a review staff. This is how the Collective "I Maggiolini" Furniture Villa was born.

Dresser made entirely of solid wood. inlaid walnut, rosewood, maple, pear and boxwood rosewood background, esesuite burin engraving. Finish: Antique.
. [...]

Size: L. 80 W. 49 H. 91
Square table in Louis XVI style. Inlays made of wood polychrome over rosewood. Finish: Natural. Also available with marble top.
. [...]

Size: L. 53 W. 43 H. 73
Louis XVI style showcases, inlaid maple and rosewood, rosewood background. Finish: Natural

1st L. 72 P. 49 H. 208

Second: L. 121 p. 49 H. 208
. [...]
Neoclassical table, made entirely from solid wood. Background rosewood inlays, maple, boxwood and pearwood, engravings bulino. Finish: Natural.. [...]

Size: H. 72 D. 80
Directoire style chair. Made entirely by hand. Finish: Walnut patina.
. [...]

Size: L. 58 W. 59 H. 102
Directoire style sideboard, inlaid with 4 doors and drawers, 2 doors advancing central body. Finish: Antique.
. [...]

Size: L. 232 W. 53 H. 106
Louis XVI dresser, curved, inlaid, made with techniques of the faithful. Finish: Shellac.
. [...]

Size: L. 126 W. 50 H. 88
Rectangular table (also available square) in neoclassical style. Top with squaring rosewood herringbone. Finish: Antique.
. [...]

Size: L. 126 W. 79 H. 49
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