LUCIANO ZONTA Luciano Zonta for 25 years is a signature that distinguishes a stylish and refined that distinguishes that comes from designing and building furniture with real wood that make it important to every type of home. And 'being built in Italy with more accuracy the furniture, that is where true creativity and originality of craftsmanship, are fused with the new requirements, to give mobile true, current, that they know but keep the flavor of the time. And ZONTA, born in an area important for mobile, has helped to enhance this ancient wisdom. Only love for the true style and experience of a work based on quality, enabled the ZONTA produce furniture hot, solid, beautiful, current, comfortable, classic forms, important fine. Today people want a house, a real home where you can recognize and find each other. In an area like this, the most important element is mobile, because adorns the walls and serves to contain or support our objects. The Zonta are so mobile, with a certified quality, which never disappoint. Bear the stamp of the Italian way of life, always linked to art and the beauty of its homes.

Zonta example.
. [...]
Gold-silver dresser leaf finish and black lacquered antiques.

Sizes: L. 127 P. 53 H. 104
. [...]

Size: L. 127 W. 53 H. 104
Bed with carved footboard, white gloss lacquer with headboard upholstered in faux pearl crocodile.
. [...]

Size: L. 190 W. 223 H. 122
Dresser in solid cherry, two-tone black and gray lacquered, antique finish.†. [...]

Size: L. 126 W. 57 H. 108
Sideboard in solid wood, lacquered white Lycidas with carved details by hand, finishing in gold leaf.
. [...]

Size: L. 161 W. 56 H. 95
Massel wooden dresser, curved, carved pink coral antique finish. Also available in other colors.
. [...]

Size: L. 141 W. 55 H. 87
Solid wooden bed, carved, polished and carefully by hand in antique silver daughter. Detail of the foot of the bed.
. [...]

Size: L. 181 W. 230 H. 114

French cherry bed with headboard upholstered in leather with milk-white striped finish L25.

L. 177 P. 210 H. 123

Bedside table in solid French cherry L25, white lacquer and black lacquered antiqueL12

L14. L. P. 53 38 H.[...]. [...]

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