MANGANI The characteristic of our company is mainly based on well-defined collection of different styles, ranging from antiques to design.

This major cultural background is mainly because the origin of the family Mangani restorers of old porcelain and objets d'art.

This sense of artistic taste acquired over time and this is spreading in every article Mangani and gave life to things that can fit into any room with an open house.

Porcelain chandelier porcelain and gilt bronze n shares in plating bath. Diffuser perforated porcelain. 
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Size: H. 71 D. 44
Lamp parts made entirely of porcelain with gilt bronze in the plating bath. Shade with satin colored border. 
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Size: H. 75 D. 56
Brass lamp with shade in hand painted porcelain.

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Size: L. 25 W. 5 H. 33

Chandelier in brass with porcelain shade decorated by hand.

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Size: H. 80 D. 62
Porcelain lamp with gold decorations.
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Size: H. 82 D. 49
Chandelier 10 lights in fine porcelain with gold decorations. Available in numerous solutions.
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Size: H. 80 D. 150
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