SAN VITO The Company is actively engaged for over 50 years on the national and esterno.A head of that we are brothers Sanvito Alfonso S. Commercial Director, John S. Production and Rita S. Officer vendite.L 'company guarantees the use of real wood over the imprint of a reliable workmanship, evident even in small details, to furnish it with love houses prestigious palace of our time.

Rectangular coffee table, "Empire" style, with top cut crystal, the bands and the legs are carved by hand, the gilding executed in gold leaf, antique finish.
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Size: L. 120 W. 65 H. 46
Small table, "Empire" style, with bevelled glass top, the sides and legs are hand carved, gold leaf gilding executed, antique finish.
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Size: L. 65 W. 65 H. 70
Foam walnut console with drawer, the details are hand-carved, gold plating is the same in gold leaf, the marble floor is green alps.
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Size: L. 115 W. 44 H. 96
 "Empire" style bench with hand carved details, and the same finished in gold leaf.
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Size: L. 114 W. 45 H. 80
'800-stylle dresser flips down walnut, with inlaid details. (You can have the floor or white Carrara marble or green alps)

L: 135 P: 58 H: 114

'800-style bedside table with four drawers and special inlaid walnut crotch. (You can have th[...]. [...]
'800 Sicilian-style console feather walnut, with drawer and hand carving, white Carrara marble floor.
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Size: L. 130 W. 55 H. 106
Console in foam tray with curved walnut carving and handmade, the gilding is gold leaf, the top is in white Carrara marble.
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Size: L. 132 W. 48 H. 90
'800 Console-style foam made of walnut, with drawer, the carvings are hand made, available with white Carrara marble.
. [...]

Size: L. 115 W. 50 H. 96
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