SERAFINO MARELLI Since the beginning of the twentieth century that Marelli deal of furniture, and so with different functions.
And an experience that, over the years, helped develop a deep knowledge of furniture, wood and problems related to his work. Within this family craft tradition was born, in 1965, Serafino Marelli Ebénisterie d'art, with the specific aim of reproducing the finest pieces of the history of furniture.
Search for books or any type of publication, from antique shops, flea markets or in some old country house the most beautiful furniture, signs of a world seemingly overcome by the processes of industrialization, but keeping intact, however, a unique charm.
And carefully study the world in which they were made, the technology shapes, styles. And play through the cabinetmakers Brianza manual dexterity, one of the few in the world capable of knowing how to perform special processing, some pieces of carving, inlays with different types of wood, polished door with a special technique ...
Serafino Marelli to play in the new millennium in the early nineteenth century Provencal wardrobe or secretaire Biedermeier burl myrtle the second half of the nineteenth century means defending the historical memory of that world, exploiting a material culture that can create objects with unique beauty but perennial.
From Serafino Marelli, therefore, not just a collection of objects, but a world of values.

Dresser and bedside table in 'Louis XVI' style, made of solid wood, rounded, rich mergers bronze inlaid marble floors, finished with ancient techniques.
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The two showcases differ by only in the presence of Art.1080 of inlays. and oh the Art. 1082 bronzes. The two windows are made from solid pine curved, veneered 'Bois de rose'.
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Size: L. 110 W. 53 H. 200
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