LAUDARTE Laudarte now valuable reference point for architects and constructor, founded in 1992 by the will of Cristina Rossi, committed personally to direct the company Laudarte Mission has always been producing lamps and accessories that are an expression of culture, taste and heritage values related to ancient art forms. The basis of production, industrial and entrepreneurial skills, there is a very flexible design capable to meet any project requirement.


Sconce, bronze castings, machining mosaic mother of pearl and gold, inlaid shell black gliada profiles.

L: 24.5 W: 12.5 H: 14.5

. [...]
Round table, cast bronze, mosaic work plan.. [...]

Size: H. 67 D. 60
Table lamp, bronze casting, six arms, base and central body in black lacquered wood or marble, plaster and insert ring covered peaks in cut crystal. Diam.58 H: 112. [...]

Size: H. 112 D. 58
Table lamp, bronze castings with enamel ring insert.. [...]

Size: H. 43 D. 26
Table lamp, bronze casting, with glass needles and insert ring covered in plaster. Available in candelabra.. [...]

Size: H. 51 D. 40
Table lamp with pivoting, cast bronze, marble base, angel investment casting.. [...]

Size: H. 60 D. 45
Table lamp, four lights, cast bronze, made of special casting, based on a marble column.. [...]

Size: H. 67 D. 45
Table lamp, bronze castings, gold 24k gold. Transparent Murano glass and wood burl.. [...]

Size: H. 76 D. 52
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