The four new collections designed by Malerba da Busca for Colombostile fully mirror the aurhor’s philosophy and the Firrst’s reserved manufacturing skills.
Marie-Hélène, Esmeralda and Sera, collecrions designed for the living area number tables, chairs, armchairs, carpets and lamps characterised by the expert use of precious materials, like complex marquetry work in rosewood and briar wood for table tops, sculp¬tured solid wood legs for rables and chairs, gold leaf finishes, hard storie inserts and Medicean stone decorations, which enhance and ensure each irern’s value and uniqueness. Compositive solutions achieved with iterns in these collecrions create luxuriously sophis¬ricated environments and, even a single piece’s impressive stylish features make it the protagonist in every context.
The same characrerisrics are also found in furnishings designed for the night area. The Tchaikovsky collecrion offers borh single and double beds, chests of drawers and dressers, mirrors, shelves, small tables, dormeuses, small armchairs and a collection of table lamps. Beds with magnificent headboards are che collection’s most impressive elernents: sinuous baroque shapes are sculptured and coated wich gold and silver leaf co create the frame for soft but¬toned upholstery, Dresses and chests of drawers are finished with silver leaf and, their ornamenral front displays the originai use of diamond cut crystal with a chinchilla effect. The same style is found in furnishing accessories: polished brass and wood lamps are enhanced by sophisricared lampshades, rnarquetry that blends various wood rypes and Medicean stone decorations.
The textile elernenr plays a leading role in alI three collecrions: che choice of upholsrery falls on exclusive fabrics with highly refined colour combinations, decorations and quality tailoring rhat highlighrs rhe handcrafted details of every piece.
Giovanni Maria Malerba da Busca’s creativity and Colombostile’s professionalism successfully converge ro create a project in progress charged with strong entrepreneurial, cultural and stylis¬tic contents.

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