Old constructions, 01 spontaneous and popular origin, are almost always harmonious which is rarely true 01 most 01 the more recent buildings where cement has taken over Iron stone and a professional attitude, often uncaring lor aesthetics, has replaced the practical fantasy 01 ancient bricklayers.
In this way, an old barn with attached stables can easily be translormed into a residential house, rich internally in space and light and perfectly set, externally, amid its lonely hilly landscape. Despite the lact that the originai architecture has not undergone substantial modifications, the construction now looks veri tidy and clean thanks to the addition 01 areai and proper garden.
It has been necessary to almost entirely reinvent the inside in order lor it to take on the appearance 01 a dwelling, without ignoring suggestions offered by its structure and situation. The downstairs floors are covered with irregular hand-made ‘teracotta’ tiles, both the old perimeter and new internai dividing walls are unilormly covered with white rustic plaster, ceilings are covered with deal boarding around originai beams and chimney-pieces have been built into each ground-Iloor room.
As tradition d.ecrees, the ground Iloor is Ior daytime use whereas the upper floor …… is lor the night-time but the single-storey annex nevertheless enables the lounge to be large and comlortable. As the house
is built on uneven ground, one side is semi-buried with the upper Iloor at access-road leve!., so the obviously dark ground Iloor on this side has been made into a basement room. The kitchen, on the other hand, has windows on both sides and contains a pleasant mixture 01 antique lurniture, utensils and equipment. The authentically rusticinspired dpwnstairs rooms include, however, some superflous items such as small murai collections 01 one-time common objects. Old rustic lurnishing models have been respected to a greater degree in the bedrooms which are decidedly sober but not austere thanks to an essenti al dash 01 colour provided by the wroughtiron head to the bed. This soberness is due not only to the small amount 01 space available, vèrtically and horizontally, but also to the sought-after cleanliness represented by rough rustic-plastered white walls and the old wood 01 the lurniture.

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