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The answers to frequently asked questions on the site saracinoarredamenti.com
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Hello, I created this section where there are the frequently asked questions and answers because I believe that clarity especially on the Internet is synonymous with honesty.
Fernando Saracino.
- How can I request a quote?
To receive a free quote without obligation (24/72 hours) you can use three ways:
a) send a full list of items by filling in every field of the form in the section 'Contact'
b) call the number +39999707655 (Alessandro - Fernando)
c) register in the "Register for the shop" to complete your order directly online.
We will receive an e-mail with the details you included in the recording session and the products you have purchased. You will be contacted by telephone or by e-mail as soon as possible.
- Evaluate the quote if I ordered as I do?
Once you have confirmed your purchase, subject to the signing of a contract pro-forma will be contacted by telephone to determine the details of purchase and delivery.
- Prices of items are inclusive of VAT?
Yes the online catalog prices are VAT included. It is worth noting that are possible typo or inaccuracy PART OF OUR TECHNICAL INTERNET FOR THAT YOU ALWAYS invited to request a free quote without any obligations.
- How will the goods be shipped?
Goods is sent via courier or by their own means for delivery. You can also personally collect the goods at our warehouse showroom.
- How much are the shipping charges?
Ask for quote for shipping.
- How long does the delivery?
Delivery times depend on the suppliers and the type of article selected.
- If at the time of delivery of the goods are not at home, what happens?
We wish again to emphasize the importance of availability on the day of delivery will be clearly communicated well in advance. If upon delivery there is no one at home, the courier must come back again, or alternatively, to leave the items in the shipment at the warehouse nearest you.
- Do you ship abroad?
Yes, our products are shipped outside of Italy.
- If your goods arrive damaged as a result of transportation?
All goods are insured. In case of damage after the disclosure of the client, we will replace or repair as soon as possible. In this case, all expenses will be borne by us. N.B. essential and mandatory always indicate on the form of courier delivery the following words: "PLANT PRODUCT WITH RESERVE". This is for us to be able to recover the loss through insurance and it gives the customer greater protection.
- Bring the furniture even the upper floors of a building?
For transport to the upper floors of a building, the client must agree in person with the courier. Normally the courier delivered it only to number, namely road surface ..
- What do you mean by old wood furniture?
This is furniture made from wood recovered from old placement beams.
- What is new wood?
Is nothing but wood cutting recently and therefore not old.
- What are the rough furniture?
It is a way to indicate a mobile that has not yet been finished.
- What are the painted furniture?
This is furniture with colorful drawings done by hand by a master painter in the Venetian style or other styles second request.
- What is shellac?
It is a resin produced by an insect (cochineal) from India and other parts of the world. It is a natural product with no synthetic ingredients and is not carcinogenic
- I need a custom furniture. We built?
Of course. The customization of furniture according to any requirement is our strength.
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