Quilted bed curtain with pleats sewn in cloth cat. C Art. TAB/37, wooden feet until Sabbath. Silver Moon.

Size: L. 187 W. 220 H. 143
Giotto quilted fabric cat. A bed Art. F793/21, with base metal fin. shiny black lacquer.

Size: L. 174 W. 242 H. 74
Marrakech bed oak sanded fin. black, wooden feet sanded fin. gold black, head covered with cloth cat. C Art. SR325/30.

Sizes: L. 204 P. 244 H. 224

Size: L. 204 W. 244 H. 224
Agadir sandy bed oak. Moon, with wooden feet sanded fin. Silvermoon.

Sizes: L. 179 P. 223 H. 132

Size: L. 179 W. 223 H. 132
Brando Sofa fabric cat. C Art. 80620/06, with Cusini seat cloth cat. C Art. 80620/01, oak floor sanded fin. shiny black lacquer, metal feet since. shiny black lacquer.

Size: L. 200 W. 100 H. 60
Churchill Leather Sofa Pearl white elite.

Size: L. 255 W. 128 H. 77
Giotto quilted leather sofa Elite Softy White with base metal covered with leather Elite White Softy.

Size: L. 240 W. 100 H. 78
Bookcase with Plasma-cabinet suspended oak sanded with cable TV pass device, metal shelf and wooden frame.

Size: L. 245 W. 42 H. 159
Coffee table style 700, a drawer, antique decoration.

Size: L. 125 W. 125 H. 50