Only headboard carved decorative two-tone gold, quilted, fabric or leather customizable.

L. 194 H. 104

Armchair bicolor gold decoration, carved, coated fabric customizable.

L. P. 58 51 H. 97

Bed with frames, wooden hand carved, two-tone gold decoration.

Size: L. 194 W. 213 H. 140
Bed Head, hand carved wood, gold two-tone decor, antique finishes.

Size: L. 180 W. 5 H. 141
Read only head, wooden hand-carved decoration dekapè, coating fabric or leather personalized, quilted. 

Size: L. 188 W. 5 H. 145
Full bed frames, carved wood, old mechanical silver decoration, personalized quilted fabric, antique finish.

Size: L. 200 W. 230 H. 157
Bed head, wooden hand carved, beautifully decorated, old ivory and gold, cloth customizable.

Size: L. 186 W. 5 H. 113
Head Bed only, the hand carved wood, cloth, customizable, two-tone gold decoration, antique finish.

Size: L. 188 W. 0 H. 103
Bed full bed frames, old mechanical silver decoration is completely hand carved, antique finish. Stoofa quilted customizable.

Size: L. 200 W. 213 H. 157
Head Bed only, hand carved wood, decorated two-tone gold, custom upholstery, quilted.

Size: L. 199 W. 0 H. 107