Desk century XVIII, with 7 drawers, 3 pl. extr., leather top, front.

Size: L. 180 W. 85 H. 94
Sideboard with 2 doors and 2 drawers, curved, with terminal S, veneer, inlay, shellac finish.

Size: L. 140 W. 59 H. 93
2 door sideboard, slabs, carved, antique finish.

Size: L. 210 W. 62 H. 101
Beautiful dresser with 2 doors, rounded on all sides, with delicate inlaid veneer on the doors, pseudo-antique finish with hand-carved feet and capitals.

Size: L. 159 W. 60 H. 114
Sideboard with 4 doors 4 drawers and curved in 2 rounded and 2 S, inlaid with burl veneer handmade, polishing pad made with vintage techniques.

Size: L. 182 W. 57 H. 107

Table invoice excellent, lastronatura burl handmade by skilled craftsmen, using techniques of the era, standing in 'lion's paw', polishing pad and shellac.

L. 195 P. 128 H. 82

Armchair report, walnut, hand carved, coati[...]

Dresser 2 drawers, walnut, curved, considerable bill, veneer style 'Chippendale', finished with techniques that follow exactly those used at the time.

Size: L. 155 W. 55 H. 96

Opening console table made of solid walnut (national), carved by hand, polishing pad and shellac.

Size: L. 112 W. 56 H. 78
Desk of rare beauty, slabs, carved, polished and buffer shellac, exactly the techniques of the time.

Size: L. 84 W. 162 H. 81